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Travelling extensively both as a regular tourist and professional photographer means that destination, budget, activities, packing and tech have always been crucial considerations for Globe Trotsky. My blogsite mission is to share expertise and link to the best sources of budget travel advice around.

Arc de Triomphe is a budget travel destination
Budget travel advice

Budget travel blogs are 10-a-penny these days and mainly sterile. Whereas most independent travellers exhibit a functioning brain and a point of view. So what’s different with this one? Personality for one.

Globe Trotsky recognises the only thing you get sitting on the fence is a spike up your arse.

So, this budget travel blog aims to be ballsy, socially and politically woke and to take sides in this beautiful, fragile but messed-up planet. If you like theme parks, have kids, holiday in Benidorm with a full-English breakfast abroad (moaning about the sausages); you’re probably better off browsing Teletext Holidays.

Early Retirement travel

We live in such exciting times. My parents only travelled by aeroplane on a handful of occasions. Nowadays budget airlines and apps make worldwide travel a possibility for the many, not just the few (lefty alert) Particularly for boomers and people taking early retirement like us.

And our world of live streaming and instant updates offers us unprecedented connectivity to tell family, friends and community what we are up to as a digital nomad in retirement.

Throughout my adult life I did the whole summer holiday malarkey with trips around the Med covering Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Carribean.

In parallel, I also worked as a sports photographer, travelling to games in Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Milan and Moscow covering European and International football.

Lenin statue at Luzhniki Stadium
Experience as both a budget traveller and sports photographer across Europe
Travel and destination advice

Now in early retirement as Globe Trotsky, I aim to extend and scratch my travel itch further by visiting new and more exciting places before terminal illness or dementia puts me in a nursing home.

I want to share those experiences and advice with you.

Head over to the Blogroll to see some of my travel adventures and photography, or for tech talk on equipment and logistics visit the Tips area. For a sideways take on travel and lifestyle laugh out loud at the Tshirts page and join the travel and tshirt tribe of Globe Trotsky.

To work with me as a blogger, photographer or advocate, visit the Talk pages of Globe Trotsky with details of my careers in both journalism and photography.

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