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Researching budget travel is more skill than luck. And packing as a tourist or photographer entails hard choices; cameras or clothes, tech or tshirts. Globe Trotsky has juggled luggage and logistics over a lifetime. Let me share the best travel hacks on packing, equipment, software, connectivity and workflow while still travelling light.

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I should admit from the outset you are dealing in Globe Trotsky with a man who agonises more over camera lenses than clothes. And I do like to bond with my baggage. I’m still looking for the perfect rucksack that offers portability, accessibility and security to be used for either a photographic road trip or a beach holiday.

From apps to maps, I love to travel well kitted and organised without being an Olympic weightlifter. I should point out my tripod carrier, Dorothy, also doubles as a girlfriend, which is convenient.

Modern, independent travel is all about agility. Booking it, packing it, getting there, finding it, enjoying it and recording it. Globe Trotsky aims to help you make the right choices on flying, budgeting, packing, technology and logistics to give you less to worry about.

Cable management anyone?

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