A sideway look at travel in a tshirt

Prague: City of Contrasts

Prague is real city of contrasts where cobbled street and medieval squares mix with modern art. Photography, politics, architecture, communism, great public transport and lots to see and do. Throw in a strong drinking culture and you have the perfect Globe Trotsky-shaped city break.

The Beatle, the Bankie and the Bouquet

As John Lennon was recording his global anthem, Imagine, defiant workers on the Clyde seized control of their shipyards demanding the ‘right to work’. Globe Trotsky uncovers the full story behind Lennon’s donation as he transformed from affable mop top to militant activist.

Diego: Underdog to top dog

Cheat or superhero, Maradona or Diego, addict or athlete, first or second goal against England? Your answers reveal much about your personal politics and outlook according to Globe Trotsky following the sudden death of the Argentinian footballer.

Scotland, we have a dream!

1970s was a great era to be a Scotland fan, qualifying for five consecutive World Cup finals. After a 23 year absence from a top tournament, Globe Trotsky unpacks the decline of the dark blues in a personal journey.

Dumping Trump: thanks for the meme-ories Donnie

Donald Trump has been a global embarrassment for the USA attracting the ire of satirists the world over. Globe Trotsky trawls his meme collection to recall the lows and extreme lows of American democracy and culture over Donnie's tenure.

Billy Bremner: The barbed-wire bridesmaid

Billy Bremner: 10 stones of barbed wire. 50 years ago, I saw the great 1970s Leeds team come up short in front of a crowd of 136,000. Until now I hadn’t appreciated how difficult it must have been to be a Leeds supporter.

Is my dad your dad?

It's 1968 and Enoch Powell has just delivered his 'Rivers of Blood speech. Can 50-year-old photograph solve a family rift over a father's political legacy?