Picture of camera laptop and digital devices. Globe Trotsky offers tricks and tips for the backpacker and tech traveller.

Best tech tips for the budget backpack traveller

Travelling extensively both as a regular tourist and professional photographer means that Globe Trotsky offers tricks and tips for the backpacker and tech traveller.

Gone are the days when you packed just tshirts and sun cream for budget trip abroad. Today’s social media means that we want to share all of travel memories instantly with family and friends. For some they are just happy with a smartphone and the hotel wifi.

For others, like me, I want to take a decent bag of kit including cameras, lenses, tripod, and – if it’s a road trip – laptop, external drive and other accessories.

Meanwhile I want to do this in a fairly agile way that covers all types of trips, from beach holidays to road trips.

Over the years I come up with a number of solutions; carrying heavy camera batteries in pockets for budget flights to hiring a tripod from a local photographer at my destination.

Mirrorless cameras and netbooks offer even more lightweight options for tech-savvy travellers.

Follow the links below for more tips on travel tech:

For more detailed help, follow the links below to specific travel tip pages.

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