Packing tips for your trip

From the luggage you take to what you put in it; every decision is vital whether you are on a city break, a beach holiday or a road trip.
With lots of experience as a smart and agile traveller, Globe Trotsky aims to share tips, hacks and practical advice to get you and

swiftly and safely from A to B.
Packing a suitcase. Globe Trotsky offer packing tips and hacks for every journey.
Leader of the Pack. Globe Trotsky offer packing tips and hacks for every journey.

Leader of the Pack

For some organising and packing for a holiday are a last-minute chore. For Globe Trotsky, I love the build up and like to be as well prepared as possible; and as agile and nimble tailored for each individual trip.

After all, you might and pair boots for a cross country trip or but just flip flops for a beach holiday. So, planning and preparation are important and often cheaper for the smart traveller.


As a keen photographer and vlogger, my wish list of essentials grows with every holiday season; so, it’s important to make the right luggage choices. I own several different combinations of suitcases, backpacks and rucksacks, so have a look at the Luggage page to see my recommendations.


There is also a dedicated page for packing tips on what to take and practical tips to get it organised before and during your journey.

For more detailed information follow the links below:

For more detailed help, follow the links below to specific tip topic pages.

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