John begins recording Imagine


On Wednesday 23 June John begins recording tracks for his new album Imagine. On the first morning he plays his new song to the other musicians which will turn out to be the title track of the album.

Then, using an eight-track machine which the Lennon’s affectionately call ASS (Ascot Sound Studios), the recording sessions produce the following songs: ‘Crippled Inside’, ‘Jealous Guy’, ‘It’s So Hard’, ‘I Don’t Want To Be A Soldier, I Don’t Want To Die’, ‘Gimme Some Truth’, ‘Oh My Love’, ‘How Do You Sleep?’, ‘How’ and ‘Oh Yoko!’.

John later admits that Yoko should have been credited with co-writing Imagine and described the song as a ‘sugar-coated Working Class Hero‘. John revealed that the lyric and concept was mainly provided by Yoko.

The recording sessions continue until 2 July.

Recalling his friendship with John at this time Tariq Ali recalls hearing Imagine for the first time at Tittehurst where John had asked him come so he could appear in the movie.

“We stayed in touch and talked to each other a great deal. He invited Blackburn and myself over when Imagine was being composed. I vividly remember him singing it at the kitchen table in Tittenhurst and then looking at us inquiringly. “The Politburo approves this one,” I joked.

Later, the LP arrived and most of the songs in it were radical in the broad sense of the word (as was Working Class Hero from his previous album). Imagine, the utopian hymn, written during his most radical phase, was never repudiated and while he may have regretted some of his actions and remarks in the 1970s that song continued to represent his political hopes.” – Tariq Ali, Street Fighting Years, Verso.

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