A decision to go abroad for dental treatment to the Hungarian capital Budapest also gave me the chance to photograph some old communist-era relics.

Health Tourism

With the exorbitant cost of dental work in the UK, my girlfriend had been researching the cost of having the treatment done abroad.

It was so much cheaper, we decided to have the work done in the Hungarian capital Budapest.

Budapest and the Danube
The River Danube at dusk

As well as being around 75% cheaper than the same work in the UK, it was a chance to spend a bit of time in a new city, that for many years was behind the Iron Curtain.

Photogenic Budapest

The treatment schedule meant we needed to stay for around 10 days. I must say that it is one of the prettiest and most photogenic cities I have visited; certainly on a par with my home city of London.

I was able to rent a tripod from a local photographer which would have been awkward to take on board with strict cabin baggage rules on our budget airline Wizz.

This gave the chance to take some nice night photography. The city really shows off its glamour after sunset.

While there, I got the chance to visit Memento Park. It is a place on the outskirts of the city where some of the communist era statues and architecture were dismantled but still kept for public display.

Socialist Realist style

As an admirer of the socialist realist style and brutalist architecture it was a really interesting place to visit as well as a great place for photographs.

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