An unexpected (but totally deserved!) work bonus gave me the opportunity to take my first transatlantic trip and visit New York.

Even though I live in London, the Big Apple is just one of those iconic, global cities you have to tick off the list as a retirement travel destination. Particularly if you are an avid photographer like me.

Though we were there for a week, there wasn’t much time for hidden gems. The priority was to get around all the major landmarks and tourist attraction, during the day and at night.

I think the tripod was the first thing in the case. Typical.

We stayed at Ameritania Hotel on 54th which is between West 53th and West 55th street. At least you didn’t need a map to get around.

Iconic Photograhy

I did strike it lucky on a trip across to Brooklyn, named after the famous American-based footballer’s son, Brooklyn Beckham. As we reached the waterside the sun was just setting in the low October sky. I had just enough time to run, position and set up the tripod as it set behind the Statue of Liberty in the distance. Probably one of my top five images ever taken.

New York City is full of things to do. You could literally spend a lifetime in this city and do something different each day.

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